I'm Mycalia, designer, press(wo)man, and paper goods enthusiast. I launched Invitation Only because invitations and stationery are the only things that I've ever wanted to have a meeting for or stay up late working on. True story. I'm not enthusiastic about much...but lucky for you (and me, let's be real) my passion for paper goods is bursting with enthusiasm. I love every aspect it, but most of all, I love how happy my clients are when they see their project finalized. I aim to create pieces that make you feel like you're holding a piece of yourself in your hand.


Fun Facts

I'm probably wearing black.

My book shelf is color coordinated and full of psychological thrillers.

We have a Shiba Inu puppy. Her name is Mowgli!

I love foreign language. I speak a bit of German and a bit of Spanish.

I love gravy. Give me all the gravy.

Soul music melts my stress away...and 90's hip hop ;)

I'm getting married this year! YIPPEE!